Email marketing is the most effective approach of reaching a core audience. An audience who have already made their intentions clear and their interest apparent by opting into your email newsletter list. These are potential customers who have money to spend on the merchandise or services you’re giving. But getting them to do more than just read an email takes some gentle persuasion and an effective email marketing strategy.

We at Intername have the abilities and skills that can make the most of your captive audience.

Avoid getting deleted

First thing first, establishing goals is essential for a successful email marketing campaign. Do you just want to raise awareness among existing customers or does one have something specific to offer them? Email lists represent your largest and most active segment of web users. They represent a baseline from that you’ll be able to plan your strategy. Intername will look at the demographics, previous interaction and how likely your e-mail campaign recipients are to convert into buying customers. To make that all-important first contact point count, they’ll look at your subject line. It is this that determines how much further your interaction will go. If it isn’t grabbing your reader’s attention from the moment they scan down their inbox, then it’s not working.

Intername possess the knowledge of how to avoid your emails getting deleted without being read, marked as spam or reported as abusive emails. We will also know that once you have the customer on the hook, the next process is to draw them in. That’s where your precisely optimize content comes into play.

The big sell

friendly and Chatty or professional and to the point? Formal or informal? How you construct the body, layout and typography of your email will determine the success of your email marketing campaign. This is where your knowledge of your customers and your experiences can help us putting together an effective sales speech that actively encourages the reader to dig deeper. Clickable links taking them straight to the “special offer only available to email subscribers” all acts as a road-map to direct your traffic exactly where you want them to go.
How you talk to your customers matters. But whether they prefer an informal e-mail or a more professional approach, the key is maintaining that one-to-one relationship that you’ve already established with them. Intername understands just how important this relationship is and how crucial it is to the success of your campaign.

Statistical audience analysis, market demographics, content creation, subject lines, All of this sounds like a lot of hard work – so rather than spending vital business time tied up in e-mail campaigns, why not let an expert e-mail marketing company run it for you?

Email Marketing Scoping Service

Intername will provide you with a detailed action plan to improve your current email marketing program.

You will receive:

Intername will deliver a highly practical strategy and action plan to help you radically improve your response metrics and email campaign ROI, across 6 key areas:

  • Data collection and your customer journey
  • Data quality and permissions
  • Your existing segmentation and triggered email strategy
  • Campaign content and creative
  • Deliverability
  • Tracking and analytics


Effective data segmentation allows you to send the right message to the right contact & increase your ROI.

After analyse your customer journey Tailomadia’s experts will:

  • Identifies appropriate segments from inside your existing data
  • Explores any future data needs to perform more detailed segmentation
  • Identifies your best opportunities for effective segmentation
  • Shows you the way to measure, track and evaluate the success of your segmentation
  • Examine existing and potential components to be used as criteria for dynamic contents
  • Identify dynamic content opportunities in current email campaigns
  • Develop a strategy for using dynamic content
  • Identify triggered campaign opportunities
  • Identify the data required to run your triggered campaigns and therefore the data rules intended for every campaign


Getting your emails delivered into inboxes is the essential first step in a successful email marketing campaign.

There are many different components involved in achieving higher delivery.
We will identify these components for you and help you use them to cut the delivery wastage from your campaigns, and achieve greater reach.

Deliverability & Inboxing

Improving delivery to your inbox immediately increases your campaigns reach. Knowing what you need to do and the order to do it in to make the fastest impact will deliver you fast results and improve your deliverability rates.

Our ‘Deliverability Expert’ will review your current email program against our deliverability best practice framework and discuss your campaigns with you and those involved in order to:

  • Identify and prioritise the deliverability best practice gaps in your email marketing program
  • Provide actionable recommendations that will have immediate impact on deliverability


Your data is one of the biggest influences on your deliverability. The Data Hygiene Audit explores the source of your data and gives you a clear, practical picture of what data you have and its accuracy, with recommendations to improve your data for better deliverability.

  • Intername analyses the customer journey of your current registration and unsubscribe process and benchmark you against your competitors and leading brands within your target market
  • Intername audits the overall quality of your email data file and look at the detail around the age of data, last customer action, last contact and invalid domain

Ongoing Delivery Consulting

Every campaign sent impacts your reputation. Our experts monitor your reputation and delivery and let you benefit from their knowledge and experience so your deliverability can keep on climbing and your emails reach more inboxes.

Intername carries out both the Deliverability of your emails and the data audit and benchmark you against leading brands within your industry sector.


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