Lead Generation

With a quality sales lead generation company on your side you can spend more time making sales and less time beating the bushes for leads.

Lead Generation

A great lead generation company offers a wide range of methods to find the best contacts for your business – including SEO, paid search, email marketing, social media, telemarketing and even good old-fashioned direct mail – and can mix and match methods to suit your needs. We prefer the companies that have the capacity to do many things to make contact with a lead so you have a choice of what works best for your business.


After initial contact with potential leads a number of different things can happen. They may go on to purchase, they may investigate what you have to offer further or they may do nothing. Intername’s team make efforts to assist you after the initial contact in addition to helping you make that first contact. We will rate or score leads based on how likely they are to buy from you as well as employ some useful follow-up tools to help you convert leads into sales – sending them targeted emails or contacting them by phone, for instance.


If you decide to employ a lead generation service rather than trying to do your own in-house, you will want to see some results. Intername offers ways to demonstrate what you are getting for your money. You should have an easy way to see the number and type of leads they are generating for you quickly and easily.

Help & Support

You strive to offer your clients the great customer service they need and you should expect your lead generation firm to do the same for you. It should be easy to find the answers to questions that you have about the process.


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