Mobile Marketing

Whether you’re a mobile app developer or someone who wants to market to a growing audience,
mobile advertising has probably been on your radar. At Intername, we understand where mobile marketing is heading.
This allows us to offer developers and advertisers the best option available at this time while keeping our eyes on the
future as mobile ads evolve.

Intername offers its clients a verity of ad formats with Billions of Impressions


In-App Banner Ads are a staple of mobile advertising and combined with Airpush’s advanced ad types, enable advertisers to reach consumers at virtually every stage of their mobile lives.

Push Ads

We offers three different types of Push Ads, all of which are fully opt-in for higher engagement. Living outside the app, push ads are available to engage when the user chooses.

Icon Ads

Similar to pre-installed apps that come on new phones, the innovative Icon Ads allow advertisers to generate valuable homescreen exposure and user engagement. Icon ads allow advertisers to pay once and receive a stream of repeat users.

Video Ads

Video Ads are optimized for device type and connection speed, enabling dramatically higher conversions and an improved consumer experience.

AppWall Ads

These kind of ads are displayed at natural breaks in an app session and display a variety of offers that self-optimize for maximum performance. AppWall ads can deliver rich media such as video, app downloads and more.

Dialog Ads

Dialog Ads launch in an unobtrusive manner when an app is in use and are available to engage with at the user’s discretion. Dialog Ads perform up to 2X \ better than traditional banner ads alone.

Rich Media

Rich Media Ads enable advertisers to deliver interactive content that drives dramatically more engagement than traditional static ads.

Landing Page

Build rich and interactive experiences such as forms or animation directly into an ad. Landing Page Ads allow you create cohesive cross-channel campaigns that create perfect branding for your organization.


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